Jérôme Cap, Claire Poupin, Quentin Rougemont

Participants in the Intensive Programme at Cork, 2013

Jérôme Cap, Claire Poupin, Quentin Rougemont

"This Intensive Programme allowed to make me aware of conservation of salmonids fishes, having a broad view of the problems related to their biology and conservation. I suggest it for everyone because it is a full and very rich program, there is a lot of stakeholders and the scientific community and all the teachers-researchers are strongly present."
Jérôme Cap

"Thanks to the Intensive Programme, I had the opportunity to diversify my fields of knowledge (before that, I mainly worked on plants), meet specialists and foreigner students, discover a new country, etc. Moreover, it was a very well organized program: there were a lot of interesting courses and trips. I’ve learned very much in a short time, while enjoying the city! I can highly recommend it in both academical and personal terms."
Claire Poupin

"I have always been interested in salmonids and issues linked to this group. I had the possibility to step back from some concepts, I have learnt in some fields (marine finfish aquaculture), and it provided me new contacts. The stakeholders introduced high-quality information very accessible to all the students with some basic knowledge about this subject. Moreover, the 2 field trips were interesting. Group works allowed to deal (relatively) in detail a precise issue linked to the general subject. I recommend this programme to other students wishing to work in ecology because it allows to acquire pieces of knowledge generally little discussed in classic courses, and it associates field and theory. To finish, there is a very good mood with very available stakeholders and between students."
Quentin Rougemont