Objective & Target groups

Introducing students to river and salmonid ecology and restoration

5 European universities of the Atlantic Arc (Bournemouth, Cork, Oviedo, Porto and Agrocampus Ouest) combined their expertise to offer to students two-week trainings on river and salmonid ecology and restoration between 2012 and 2014.

The sessions took place in :

  • 2014: Rennes-Hydroelectric dam of Vezins (France) "Riverscape Restoration in the Atlantic Arc"
  • 2013: Cork (Ireland) "Salmonid Ecology in the Atlantic Arc"
  • 2012: Oviedo (Spain) "River Management and Restoration in the Atlanctic Arc"

Beyond increasing knowledge of other EU countries through comparison of river landscapes in the Atlantic Arc and multidisciplinary education, the main objective of this programme was to introduce students to river and salmonid ecology and restoration in the broadest sense, considering not only scientific issues but also the human dimension of river use in rural areas.

This project therefore:

  • Immersed students in local (rural) cultures and traditions, including river uses
  • Promoted active and research-based learning
  • Promoted team-working
  • Established a network of teachers and students with an interest in river ecology, its resources, ecological restoration and management
  • Made students realize the gap between the past civil engineering works on the rivers to the future ecological river engineering projects

The target groups of this programme were postgraduate students (with different levels, from Master1 to PhD) from the 5 countries, who were about to become the next generation of biologists and managers responsible for looking after freshwater resources.

For those students, the Intensive Programme was offered as optional course within the following Masters and/or PhD programs:

  • Oviedo: Marine Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Cork: Ecological Assessment ; Marine Biology
  • Porto: Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution ; Aquatic Biological Resources ; Biology
  • Rennes: Environment Engineering ; Fisheries, Aquatic Ecology ; Rural Development Agronomy
  • Bournemouth: Biodiversity & Conservation ; Applied Sciences by Research