Outputs and good practice

This Intensive Program combined field work (“learning by doing”), in the territories of rural environment of Brittany and South-Normandy, and meetings with experts and stakeholders.

Due to the team-working set-up, the students from different countries interacted as team members. It mixed different disciplines within biology, hydrology, agronomy and ecology together with the anthropogenic dimension of river ecosystem management in rural landscapes, with the aim of developing a pilot project of river continuity restoration; analysing and planning the best management practices in these rural landscapes.

Students produced, in teams, booklets (50 pages-long) and powerpoint or video presentations on key aspects of river ecology, management and restoration.

A poster edition and a presentation to the stakeholders were provided. The poster(s) was offered to help stakeholders to communicate on the dam removal programmed in 2015-2019.

All these outputs are to be found on the e-platform.