Scientific context

5 countries involved in the Atlantic Aquatic Resource Conservation (AARC)

This intensive programme was a result of an EC Interreg program: The Atlantic Aquatic Resource Conservation (AARC) project is funded by the EC Interreg Atlantic Area Transnational Programme. The AARC project combined high quality science with practical help around the Atlantic coast. This was achieved by working at the appropriate scale in 5 countries: France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK.


The AARC project partnership cooperated intensively to deliver a strategy for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), which is demonstrated across the Atlantic Area, in targeted river basins, networked by regional/river observatories in each member state. A central focus was culturally and economically important migratory fish species that link water marine, coastal and freshwater resources, which are currently managed separately.

The AARC project also led to the development of new perspectives in restoration ecology of aquatic ecosystems given the consideration of several spatial scales including the landscape. The collaboration among academics researchers from Rennes and the other countries involved in AARC also allowed the development of three Erasmus Intensive Programs given in Oviedo (2012), Cork (2013) and, Rennes (2014).